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Ayahuasca ceremonies and the diet are the key to healing and learning. what’s more, it can be dangerous for the body and spirit unless the diet is directing it towards healing.


The center is open to everyone in the world who wants to experience Ayahuasca ceremonies, to be healed and to learn this healing science with no time limits.


Apprenticeship with Ayahuasca is a process of healing, helping to connect deeply to one’s inner self as well as to nature, the cosmos, and the spirit world. One learns about Ayahuasca and how to use it to heal with mental strength and divine power.

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Welcome to Don Juan Tangoa Paima’s official new website. Here you can find details about Don Juan’s and the Yacu Puma center, located in Iquitos, the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Our project consists of Healing Center / School, at which we work with plants and spirits, particularly the master teacher plant Ayahuasca. The

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Welcome to the Yacu Puma healing center in Iquitos. the place to heal & learn from the mastero Don Juan.

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