20160325_234230Ayahuasca ceremonies take place at night, in an enclosed and dark place, to make the visions stronger and clearer.
At the beginning of the ceremony, everyone sits in the Maloca (ceremonial hut when we drink in the center or in the jungle). No special clothing is needed, only long clothes to protect against chills and mosquitoes, flashlight, and toilet paper.

A table holds the Ayahuasca, and the maestro sits in front of it, inviting people to drink one by one.
The Maestro drinks last. After about 30 minutes, the effects of the Ayahuasca start. Then the lights go out, and soon after, the maestro whistles an Icaro (magical song to call the spirits) to open the ceremony and protect it from malign influences. Once the first Icaro is whistled, the maestro starts singing other songs of power.

Six specific Icaros always open the ceremony, then later the maestro calls each person up to sit on the table and sings an Icaro specifically to cure that person, while cleansing his or her body with the Chakapa. Everyone else stays sitting, concentrating, investigating, and analyzing their own visions in the silence and darkness. When the maestro has healed everyone, he sings more Icaros for other purposes, such as protecting the house, etc. After up to 6 hours more or less from the start, the maestro sings a closing Icaro to end the ceremony. The lights go back on, and everyone is free to leave and rest.

Jolane Abrams – Think Before You Drink (Ayahuasca)

Watch a live ceremony recording at our center on YouTube

Don Juan- Center of the earth on YouTube

After drinking, we diet for 24 hours. Read more…


Icaros are the songs that the healer uses to call up the spirits, They are magical sound frequencies. Some Icaros are passed down from one generation to the next. When a healer is pure the spirits reveal themselves and new Icaros are learned.

There are icaros for the spirits of flowers, butterflies, dolphins, saints, plants, and more. The icaros are like medicines recited by the doctor, each with its own vibration. For example, an icaro for a flower spirit might be used for someone in search of love, while others could be used for defense against evil spirits, to open the mind, to quit bad habits, to heal a specific condition, etc.

Don Juan has mastered the knowledge of over a 100 Icaros.


Some of Don Juan’s beautiful Icaros from a ceremony on April 2015 .
The ceremony includes Duri Camichel, Harald (Harry) Andereggen, Jaakko, Rouso & Ehu.