Jungle Camp

8 Days Ayahuasca Retreat

Program: 8 days in the jungle that includes three ceremonies with Maestro Don Juan Tangoa Paima.
The retreat is for all kinds of people, of all age, who want to get a taste of Amazon culture.
You will experience native ayahuasca ceremonies and culture, jungle, Amazon River, animals, medicinal plants, and more.

The trip to our beautiful jungle camp is about 45 minutes by car followed by a one hour walk.
It’s not a difficult walk, about 45 minutes to an hour in the flat jungle area. We will head out early in the morning during the cooler hours.

The camp is located in a virgin jungle at a safe place. It is well suitable for tourist, there are bedrooms with mattresses and mosquito nets, western toilet and showers. The camp housing is built from natural materials and local style.
During our stay we will explore the jungle area. We will learn about and use many local medicine plants.

Furthermore, the jungle is an amazing biodiversity hotspot and we will encounter many interesting animals.

Price: $800 USD for the program, a deposit of $300 for registration by Western Union,  $500 will be paid in cash upon arriving,

The price includes everything: the services of experienced guides, accommodation, transport, ayahuasca ceremonies and meals. You just need to bring your basic things, e.g. a book, flashlight, cloths, camera and a hat.
To save your space please contact us, spaces are limited for 6 participants.

Please contact us for further information & reservation.

Camp Dates

January: 15th – 22nd
February: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
March: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
April: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
May: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
June: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
July: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
August: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
September: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
October: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
November: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st
December: 1st – 8th & 14th – 21st