Staff & Friends

8234455_orig-138x104Don Juan Tangoa Paima – was born on 29 March 1951 in the Neiva region of Cali, Colombia. At the age of 4 he immigrated to Iquitos, Peru with his family; they lived with his maternal grandparents. Read More..


Jolane-66x66Jolane Abrams (UK) – The more I know Juan, the more deeply I respect him. I am proud to call him my maestro – and my friend. Read more..



Jacqui-Phillips-133x104Jacqui Phillips (USA) – Juan always said “Love is the medicine”. I came to Peru with a broken heart, trauma of past failures, and a painful, worn out stomach and body. Six months later, I now feel fully healed, whole, and full of energy and calm focus. Read more..


Gina-BariGina Bari (Alaska). – living in Iquitos, Peru, studying with Juan and assisting with our Yacu Puma ayahuasca retreats. Read more..



Jaakko-LavoniusJaakko Lavonius (Finland) – Meeting Juan I got to know his talent as a powerful healer, as well as his great sense of humor, kindness and warm hospitality. Read more..



ehuEhu – Website / email support. Read more..