Ehud Shamoon

ehudshamoon1Yacu Puma’s groups organization and site management.

Since the age of seventeen I studied and experimented with natural medicine. I have studied with many teachers with different types of healing methods. There was one method that spoke to my heart and a teacher that there is not another like him in the the world, Ayahuasca and Don Juan.

It all started while I was backpacking through South America in 2003. I already heard about Ayahuasca before and wanted to get to know this plant.

When I arrived in Iquitos after months of travel I went down to the artist market to see if I can find some information on Ayahuasca. It was a Brazilian woman, Clivian, who helped me to find my way to Don Juan. I arrived at Don Juan’s house. We spoke, ate supper and he explained what to bring to the ceremony.

The next day the ceremony took place. It is so hard to put into words how I felt. I saw the everlasting beauty of the world and beyond. I was reborn. During the ceremony Don Juan sang icaros and it seemed that something was guiding him how to sing, when to sing, at which tone and rhythm. Each icaro was special and colored the room with different patterns. Everything broke down to molecules and united with everything else. It was amazing.
After that experience I came back to see and learn more.

Before every ceremony Don Juan says a few words. One of the first times I drank he said that it is possible to cure everything. That sentence echoed in my head. During that time I had an illness, It was not a life or death situation but it made living very hard. I told Juan about my problem and he immediately devoted himself to heal me. He helped me clean my body and soul with Ayahausca. I saw the spirit of my illness. I understood where it came from and what it came to serve. After three months I stopped taking western medicine and after ten months I was almost completely healed.

The time I spent in the Yacu Puma Center was very special. I met an amazing man, an amazing healer and an amazing friend. I met a caring family and a special culture that is sadly disappearing from this world. I returned home as a new man.

Three years later I came back to Peru, older, healthier and more mature. The second experience was just as amazing. After returning home for the second time I decided to help Juan expose himself to the world by creating him a website so other people can experience this unique plant as I have. Since then I organize expedition to the Yacu Puma Center.