Jaakko Lavonius

jaakkoI was recommended to come to Juan by a friend from Finland who had been staying with Juan´s family and got cured by him. First time I arrived to Juan in 2006. Before that I had been learning of ayahuasca with several healers, but somehow I felt that I still needed to search for a proper healer.

Meeting Juan I got to know his talent as a powerful healer, as well as his great sense of humor, kindness and warm hospitality. People come to visit and stay with him and his family from around the world, all are welcomed and taken care of. Also the local people come to find healing from Don Juan. His incredible singing and amazingly broad knowledge of icaros for different purposes make the ceremonies unique.

Learning with ayahuasca has given me great perspectives for life and opportunities of self-discovery. Healing is a process of  cleaning and purifying oneself in all levels of existence, and an experienced healer is of great help in this task.

Since the one and a half month period with Juan in 2006 I have returned twice, for two months and now for two and a half months. These stays have been opportunities to find strength and reflect on the path of life one creates, which have tremendous use for daily living. Along comes the possibility to learn from a tradition, which is becoming ever harder to find in the modern world.